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For NZ Motorcycle enthusiasts to share great rides, stories and news. Sharing what we have and enhancing NZ as a premier biker touring destination.

New Zealand is an amazing place with amazing people. A huge number of kiwis are motorcycle enthusiasts. Some are brand loyal while others are just plain biking enthusiasts who love the open roads, amazing scenery and great company that biking offers in this amazing little duo of islands. The open roads lead through lush green hills and arrive at twisty curves running along magnificent bays, windin...g back through imposing mountains. This, in every way, embodies the spirit of biking with its sense of adventure and soaking in the scenery while enjoying the performance of a magnificently crafted piece of engineering.
We may all have our "bucket lists" of overseas destinations but NZ is a "bucket list" for many from overseas to visit and share with us. So join us on the journey and let's ride together...

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